Many thanks to the member or members who emptied out the two pistol range recycle bins of the plastic cartridge trays, etc.  This  is a big help and I very much appreciate this.  Since we do not have a garbage/trash/recycle pickup, I have been removing everything myself for the past few years.  Thank you again.

If anyone is interested in taking a basic handgun safety and shooting course, check our Firearms Training Resources link at the bottom of our home page.  Keystone Gun Club is offering several classes over the next three months. The handgun simulation course is free and class size is limited.  The live fire handgun course is $ 50.00.  All courses will be held at the Keystone Gun Club at 28th and Perry Street.

We are well into our 2020 membership renewal period and things are going very well.  I had the indoor range for three weekends in February.  The first weekend (February 1st) had two shooters show up.  The second weekend (February 8) had several shooters show up.  The third weekend (February 15) nobody came out to shoot on the indoor range.  Based on the poor turnout,  the indoor range will not be open  for the 22nd and the 29th of February.

Thanks to director Tim Innes, we now have both electric forced air heaters installed and operating on the indoor range.  These two heaters, along with the new torpedo heater, have made the indoor range a more comfortable place to shoot.