Range Rules

Our top priority is a safe shooting experience


Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, politely mention it to them, referring to the appropriate range rules. Our safety depends on it!

Club-Safety- Rules      

  • Do not touch firearms when people are forward of the firing line.
  • All Actions must be open, firearms unloaded, magazines removed, yellow empty chamber flags must be inserted in benched weapons, and the line “declared”  safe before going forward.  Declaring the line safe means verbally communicating with other shooters on the line and looking to see if all firearms on the bench are chamber flagged and pointed downrange.  Remember, the pistol range is unsupervised.  Under this circumstance everyone on the pistol range becomes a range officer.
  • Be sure to insert an empty chamber flag into the chamber of your weapon, then bench the weapon with the muzzle pointed downrange.  The yellow chamber flags are provided on both the pistol and rifle ranges.  See images below

Safe Semi-auto


Safe Revolver

Once all weapons are in a safe condition, it is time to activate the RANGE SAFETY LIGHT SYSTEM system seen below.







There are switches on each of the posts.                                     The red lights are over the firing line.

                                                                        Here’s How it works:

      1.  Shooters on the line verbally agree to make the line safe.

      2.  Any shooter flips any post mounted switch to “safe” to activate the flashing lights.  Any switch will activate all of the lights.  More than one switch may be activated.  The lights remain on if any switch is in the safe position.

     3  .Flashing red lights indicate that the range is safe and that people can go down range.  No one is to handle any firearm while people  are down range.

     4.  All shooters return to the firing line.  After confirming that no one is left down range, shooters agree to make the range hot.

     5.  The shooters that activated the lights now will turn those switches to the “hot” position.  The light go off and the range is hot.

Remember:  No handling firearms when people are down range.

                                                         ***SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY***

  • Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times
  • No shooting into the air!  All shooting must be into the backstops. No shooting towards the road.
  • Treat every gun as if it was loaded.
  • No Fully Automatic firearms or Alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  • Eye and Ear protection must be used.
  • See October 31, 2018 newsletter for photos & instructions to operate the range safety lighting system.
  • Click above on “Club Safety Rules” to download Complete set of club rules and range safety rules.

Please Note:

Persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.  Clean up your area after use.  Clean up involves pulling your targets.  Targets and paper cartridge boxes can go into the silver trash can at the head of the firing line.  Be sure to replace the lid as this is our source of dry paper to ignite the incinerator to burn the shot up target boards on range maintenance day.  If you do not reload your fired cartridges, use the brooms dust pans to sweep up the area and dump the cartridges into the plastic buckets.  Club members who reload will be happy to sort out brass which might be suitable for reloading.  Once again, no shotguns are permitted on the pistol range.

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