We have made a safety improvement on the outdoor pistol range.  We have painted a yellow line on the pistol range behind the firing line.  The purpose of the line is to keep people on the firing line from handling guns while other shooters are downrange changing targets.  Handling guns while anyone is downrange is a violation of one of our range safety rules.  Below are pictures pf the yellow line and signage explaining what everyone is expected to do.

Another problem we’ve had is club members being locked in to the range when there is a power outage or or a card system malfunction.  There is a key to unlock the lower gate which is kept in the defibrillator cabinet.  Use the key to unlock the gate, prop the gate open, return they key to the defibrillator cabinet, then exit the range.  Pictured below is the defibrillator cabinet with key inside on a lanyard.  The other picture is the lower gate lock with the key inserted.