Looking for basic handgun training and instruction?  Check the listed resources below.

Keystone Gun Club at 902 East 28th St.  Erie, Pa.  Telephone 814-459-3620.

Website is  Home page link is “what we offer”.  You will find a list of certified firearms instructors.

→  Gem City Gun Club at 8865 Donlin Rd. Erie, Pa.  16510

Website is  On the home page click on N.R.A. Instructors & Classes.  You will find an extensive list of certified instructors.

→  Citizen Handgun Familiarization through the Mercyhurst University Public Safety Institute

For More Information contact instructor Art Amann at his e mail

Mr. Amann’s classes are held at the above listed Keystone Gun Club.

Safety Briefing Photos Are Shown Below As Well As Correct Usage Of Card Reader: