With the advent of the new year, we will soon be welcoming a new spring shooting season.  As winter is still upon us, we are resuming the Tuesday evening indoor open shoots at about 5:30 PM until about 8 PM or so.  The range fee is 2.00 and targets are available.  Also, the Wednesday evening NRA bullseye pistol shoot continues on at 7 PM.  This is a 30 round course of rim fire and center fire shooting, one handed and timed. You don’t have to be an expert shot to participate in this Winter League Shoot….just show up and enjoy the course of fire.

January is our time to mail out mew member applications to all current members.  To make your treasurer’s life a bit easier, it is recommended to go to our website at walnutcreekriflerange.com and download the membership application , then fill it out on your computer, print it, sign both pages, and mail it in with your check.  The membership form is interactive.  The printed application is much easier to read and accurately process.

Safety briefings for new members will continue on Tuesday evenings from 5 PM to 7 PM.  New members are welcome to walk in on Tuesday evenings to apply and join.