On Target: The Official Newsletter of Walnut Creek Rifle Club

Our membership appreciation night on March 31, 2016 went well, even though our attendance was down somewhat from last year.  There was a good assortment of door prizes and specialty drawing prizes donated this year. The gun drawing made the following ticket holders very happy: John Sheffield, Douglas Peterson, Larry Bevevino, John Donovan, David Zyniewicz, Rob Hazlett, Nancy Meyer, T. Lata, David Schick, and Nancy Lamanna.

A special vote of thanks to all of the club members who worked together to help make membership appreciation night a success

Please be sure to patronize the following businesses that donated door prizes:

Keystone Armory, Macaluso Tools/Kevin Macaluso, Bob Ferrando Ford World, Sen. Sean Wiley, American Surplus, Golden Corral, Krispy Kreeme Donuts, SMJ International, Henry Rifles, NAPA Auto/Mike Weindorf, Neil Shea, Pam Weber, Business Services,  Erie Sports Store, Fairview Hardware, Mac’s Den,  Auditori Enterprises, Gorenflo’s Gun Shop, South One Supply, Wagner Mower Service,  Chico’s,  J & J International, Granger’s, Cliff Snyder,  Tom Zawistoski, Beer and Pop Warehouse.

The 2016 shooting season is upon us.  If you haven’t been out recently, please review the Club’s range safety rules and the firearm safety rules elsewhere on this website.  Be sure to use the yellow plastic empty chamber flags on your guns, both rifles and handguns, before going down range to install or remove your targets.  Each shooter should check up and down the line to be sure that all weapons on the bench are safe and showing an empty chamber flag.  We are all responsible for the safety of the line.

For the rifle shooters, there is a monthly rifle range schedule on this website.  Be sure to check this schedule before you come out to use the rifle range.