NOTICE               NOTICE                     NOTICE

To all members.  The indoor range is temporarily closed.  The outdoor pistol range is still open for use from 8 AM to dusk.  Shooters are advised to maintain the 6 foot government recommended spacing while using the outdoor range.  Please be mindful of the fact that the time to start shooting has been changed from 7 AM to 8 AM.  This is due to some neighbor complaints about the shooting noise prior to 8 AM.  Signs will be posted on the pistol range to remind everyone of this time change.

All in person safety briefings are cancelled for about the next two or three weeks due to the corona virus.  New member signups will be accepted by mail.  New members joining by mail will then be notified by mail as to how and when we will restart the safety briefings again for everyone.  The resumption of in person safety briefings will be posted on the monthly events calendar elsewhere on this website.  We are temporarily doing “Face time” safety briefings via Apple  i phones and Apple i pads for new members having access to these products.

I would like to remind everyone that the NRA is offering discounted memberships and membership renewals right now.  Since the Walnut Creek Rifle Club has NRA recruiter status, I have been notified that one year memberships and renewals are being offered at 30.00 instead of 45.00 for a limited time.  However, you must access the NRA website through our website by clicking on the “Join the NRA” link or the right side of our home page.  Just going to the NRA website at will not get you the discount offer.  As an NRA recruiter, the club gets a commission check for every new or renewal membership done through our website.  Also, anyone can use our website to join or renew their NRA membership.  So tell your friends who are not Walnut Creek Rifle Club members about this offer.  It’s a good deal.