On Target: The Official Newsletter of Walnut Creek Rifle Club

A Note from the President

I wish to introduce the reactivated website to you, the membership of WCRC.  The site had been inactive for a few years, but it will now be available to keep you up to date on events, scores, schedules and other information of the Walnut Creek Rifle Club.

There are a number of rumors for the closing of the 100 yard rifle range.  The true answer is simple.  The gravel bank located on the east end of the property that has served as a back stop for many years has been cut down to provide fill for local expansion projects.  The owner of the bank did make an effort to leave what he could to provide WCRC with something to allow the use of the 100 yard range.

At first glance the height of the bank appears to be adequate for our use – experience has shown this to be incorrect.  The club has been made aware of and verified that there were rounds leaving the range.  That is a condition that we cannot tolerate and is patently unsafe for the users and the community at large.

In response to changes to the grounds we have increased security on the range by installing perimeter fencing, 24/7/365 video cameras for the grounds in general, and the rifle and pistol ranges individually.  In addition, we have instituted the use of pass keys for the membership to access the grounds for shooting. So far the feedback from the members has been positive. Safety is paramount to the existence of WCRC and we will continue efforts to keep the ranges safe and secure for everyone.

I want to thank the membership that has offered advice as well as their patience during the changes.

One more thing: The annual Membership Appreciation Meeting will be held on March 31, 2016 at the Seibenburger Club, 2144 French Street, Erie, PA. Tickets for the firearm drawing will be available very soon. We hope to see you there.