EVERYONE PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THERE WILL BE NO SIGHT IN DAYS THIS YEAR.  This is due to Covid restrictions. It is also due to the fact that a good many of our volunteers are retirees and are thus in a high risk age group.  I always ask for club members to come out to help on any or all of the six sight in days.  There is basically no response from our (younger) club members.  So…….. THERE WILL BE NO SIGHT IN DAYS THIS YEAR.


It seems we have the same problem with volunteers coming out on the first Saturday of the month to change the shot up target boards and do a little light clean up on the outdoor ranges.  There were three of us there this past Saturday, October 3rd at 8 AM. Our ages were 59, 67, and yours truly at 77 yrs.  Our membership stands at over 800 members.  A few extra hands would make the job go a bit faster and easier.  It’s funny, but I have seen club members drive in to the lower parking lot while we are doing range maintenance.  Once they realize that there is work being done, they leave.

The new digital camera system is now up and running.

We MAY be going ahead with the installation of a new furnace in the attic above the indoor pistol range.

Check our Firearms Resources listing for three Keystone Gun Club classes coming up in October and November.  The classes are basic handgun and safety training classes.



Tom Zawistoski,  Treasurer  WCRC