We have installed a new pistol range safety lighting system on the outdoor pistol range.  Pictured below is one of the  8 control switches.  Shown also is one of the flashing red lights.

Operating the Range Safety Lighting System

  1.   Shooters on the line agree to make the line safe.
  2.   Any shooter turns any post mounted switch to “safe” to activate the flashing red lights.  Any Switch will activate all of the lights.  More than one   switch may be activated.  The lights remain on if any switch is in the “safe” position.
  3.   Flashing red lights indicate that the range is safe and people are down range.  No one is to handle any firearm while people are down range and the red lights are flashing.
  4.   All shooters return behind the firing line.  After confirming that no one is down range, all shooters agree to make the range “hot”.
  5.   For the shooter(s) that activated the lights, turn those switches to the “hot” position.  The lights go off and the range is “hot”.

Remember – No handling of firearms when people are downrange.

**************SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S  RESPONSIBILITY********************