Our membership renewal process is moving along nicely.  The outdoor pistol range has been seeing quite a bit of use over the past few weeks, due to the number of really nice days we’ve had.  The driveway resurfacing and upper parking area seem to be holding up quite well this winter.

To correct some misinformation about the pistol range, no shotguns or handguns firing shot shells or slugs are permitted on the pistol range.  Some new members were erroneously advised to the contrary over the past few months during safety briefings.

Membership appreciation night is coming up on Thursday, March 16, 2017.  Doors open at 6 PM.  there will be door prizes, a specialty table drawing, and, of course the drawing for ten guns.  After the gun drawings, we will hold a brief meeting to nominate officers and directors.  Anyone interested in being an officer or director is invited to stay for this brief nomination meeting.

A few comments In regard to safe gun handling practices on the pistol range.  While working on membership renewals during the day over the past month, I have observed (on the range cameras) that some members not using empty chamber flags, and are also being somewhat careless about guns being placed on the bench with muzzles pointed along the firing line (rather than being pointed downrange).  Also, semi-autos are benched with magazines still in the guns, and revolvers are benched with the cylinders closed, all the while with people downrange.  I must remind everyone that the pistol range is unsupervised, so every shooter on the line must act as a range officer would. Verbally calling the line safe is important, but  BEFORE going forward to change targets, each shooter should check up and down the line and communicate with the other shooters to verify that the line is SAFE.

Newsletter by Tom Zawistoski, Treasurer.