We are midway into the 2017 outdoor shooting season.  The outdoor PISTOL ranges are seeing extensive use now.  We are having to change the 4′ by 8′ target boards twice a month, especially on the 21′ range.  The outdoor RIFLE range use is lagging way behind because of a lack of volunteer range officers.  It is difficult to get people to volunteer their time to come out and sit on the rifle range and hope that someone might show up.  Maybe some day this operation can be changed and made more accessible.

The V.I.P. League shooters came in first place in rim fire competition in June and came in fourth place in the June center fire competition. The scores are posted elsewhere on this website.  For a complete summary of this year’s V.I.P. standings go to  www.springsrgc.org  then click on John Holt VIPL, then click on Latest Scores.

The officers and directors of the Walnut Creek Rifle Club would like to thank Ken Wagner, club member and owner of Wagner Mower & Plow Service, for donating a new Husqvarna string trimmer to the club.  Mickey McBride took our old string trimmer to Wagners to trade it in and purchase a new trimmer.  Ken then made the donation of the new trimmer, plus a fuel can and two bottles of 2 cycle oil.  Thank you Ken!