Summer is rapidly slipping away.  So far, it has been a very good season for our outdoor shooters, especially our V.I.P. shooting team.  The V.I.P. League closed at the end of August.  Our V.I.P.  team members will be driving down to the Black Ash gun club on Saturday, September 17 for the final shoot (which starts at 10 AM) to see which club gets to take home the rubber chicken ’til next season.  Our V.I.P. shooters took second place in the rim fire competition and fourth place in the center fire competition for the month of August.

It appears that our parking lot and access road repairs are holding up well so far, despite some recent heavy rainstorms over the past month.  We just took delivery of a load of 4 x 8 target boards from Frontier Lumber.  This supply of target boards should last us well into the next season.  We are currently contemplating making some improvements to the heat and ventilation on the indoor range for the coming winter indoor shoots on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

A repeat note to new member applicants and late season renewal applicants:  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN AND PRINT YOUR NAME ON THE SECOND PAGE OF THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.  Everyone gets the first page signed,  but many applicants miss signing the 2nd page.  The hope is that applicants will READ the WALNUT CREEK CLUB RULES and the FIREARMS SAFETY RULES on the 2nd page before signing and printing their name.  This step is very important.