We had a range maintenance day today and we had plenty of help.  I believe there were 12 or 13 members, one daughter, and one son, present for the event.  Numerous target boards were changed and incinerated, and all of the burned railroad ties were cut up and hauled to the north end of the pistol range.  We had Chris Wingerter and his chain saw making smaller pieces of the ties.  We had three drill drivers running and three circular saws being used to make incinerator sized pieces of the target boards.  We all started at 8 AM and were finished (except for the incinerating) by 9 AM.  Many hands made quick work of the ties and boards.

The reason this all happened is that director Marge Zawistoski contacted a few members earlier this week and asked if they could come out.  We had commitments.  She will do the same thing next month.   We also had volunteers who were not called.  They just came out to help.  It was wonderful.

Below is a photo taken by Chris Wingerter of the volunteers.  John Bliley missed getting into the photo.  Thank you to all of you for coming out.

Tom Zawistoski,  Treasurer,  Walnut Creek Rifle Club