Our annual  November sight in days went very well thanks to the efforts of the following club members and friends who volunteered their time and effort:  Tom Curry, Tim Innes, Jerry Wise ,Bill Stevens, John Swierczewski, Mickey McBride, Walt Robertson, Wayne Naccher, Paul Wise, Sr., Jim Gatesman, Marty Zuck, Mike Wurst, John Bliley, “Bo” Hess, Neil Shea, Don Ellsworth, and yours truly.  Our turnout was down a bit from last year.

We now have a new indoor heating system installed to warm the meeting room, the kitchen, and the office and 2nd floor meeting room.  The indoor range does not have any heat at this time.

It does not appear that we have a winter league pistol team anymore (no heat on the indoor range).

A final decision will be made at the January, 2019 meeting as to whether we will have a gun raffle in March of 2019.  At this point no guns have been purchased.

The outdoor pistol range and the new safety lighting system appear to be getting a lot of use despite the weather and cold temps.