Summer is rapidly coming to an end.  Saturday, September 1st, was range maintenance day.  This is when a couple of volunteers come out to change the  shot up target boards, clean up trash, etc.  We usually get two or three volunteers to come out (out of a membership of about 760).

This Saturday, the pistol range was closed from 8 AM until 11:30 AM.  All of the shot up vertical railroad ties on the pistol range were replaced with new treated 6 x 6 by 10 foot posts, as well as new target boards and 2×4 horizontals.  We added one more target board on the 7 yard range and one more target board on the 15 yard range.  We have also extended the shooting bench to the west on the 7 yard range.  The plan is to extend the overhead shelter on the 7 yard range in the spring, and also on the 25 yard range in the spring.

This job was handled in relatively short order thanks to the efforts of members John Bliley, Ned Carlson, Tom Curry, Jim Devine, Jim Gatesman, Tim Innes, and yours truly, Tom Zawistoski.  Thanks to Walt Robertson for the use of his post puller, which was helpful in pulling some of the old posts out of the ground.

Also, a note of thanks to KEN WAGNER of WAGNER MOWERS ON West Ridge Road for donating a spool of nylon line for our Husqvarna string trimmer and reloading the line in the spool.

Below are some photos of the job.  Also is a photo of the AED device, which is in a cabinet on the pistol range.