With the past winter now being a bad memory and much nicer weather upon us, it is time to remind everyone that the V.I.P. Pistol League will be starting on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.  For the next few Wednesdays we will be shooting at 6:30 PM on the outdoor pistol range.  As the days get longer, we will move the time to 7 PM.  This is the Very Informal Pistol Shoot.  It is a fifteen round bullseye course. Five rounds are fired in two minutes.  Then five rounds are fired in twenty seconds. Finally, five rounds are fired in ten seconds.  Shooters may use one hand or two hands.  The rim fire part of the course is fired first, followed by the center fire part of the course.  There is no fee for this course.  You just have to show up.  You can fire once a month or you can fire every Wednesday.  Team Captain Tom Zawistoski will send in your highest score for each month.  Scores are forwarded to the Springs R & G Club.  The season ends in August. In September, there is a final shoot off at the Black Ash Outdoorsman Club to see which of the gun clubs gets to take home the rubber chicken award.

Be advised that we are planning to have the lower parking lot redone in the next few weeks.  Also, please note that the rifle range hours are now being posted elsewhere on this website.