Saturday, April 7, 2018 is outdoor range maintenance day.  We need a few extra volunteers to come to the gun club between 8 AM and 8:15 AM to help change target boards  and do a little  tidying up on the outdoor ranges. The range maintenance  work parties have shrunk to a dismal 2 or 3  of the same members doing all of the work.  We don’t need an armada of people, but a few more hands would make the work go faster and easier.  And, if you can come out, it will give you a new appreciation for what is involved in keeping the place running.  More hands make lighter work all around.

This year’s membership appreciation night (March 15, 2018) is now in the books.  Thanks to the volunteer efforts of some of our officers, directors, and members, the evening went smoothly. Our attendance has been dropping over the past couple of years.  This year we served about 128 to 130 meals at the buffet.  Our membership as of Membership Night stood at over 830.  What’s up with the low turnout?  Those of us who organize and run Membership Night put a lot of effort into it.  There will be some discussion at the regular monthly meetings as to how to handle next year’s Membership Appreciation Night.  Feel free to come to the 7 PM monthly meetings at the clubhouse.  Meeting dates are posted on this website  in the Monthly Events Calendar.

Gun drawing winners are as follows:  Doug Smith:  T/C Venture 30.06.  Michael Lubowicki:  Savage Axis XP .270.  Rick Greaves:  Henry .22 LR.  Chuck Lee:  Glock 17 Gen 3  9mm.  Mike Gatesman: S&W M&P 15-22 Sport .22LR.  Tom Danias:  Walther P22 Nickel .22 LR.  Nancy Meyner:  Ruger LPC .380.  Gerald Albert:  T/C Impact .50 Cal.  Randy Lachowski:  CZ 712 G2  12 Ga. semi-auto.  Michael Kennedy:  S&WShield 9mm.

We also had many door prize winners and specialty table drawing winners.  Some of the various prizes were purchased by club members and donated as prizes.  Others were donated by the following:  Air Gas Welding Supply, Gorenflo Gun Shop, Presque Isle Gun Shop, Discount Beer on Peninsula Drive, Perry Mill Supply,  John McInchak, Steve McInchak,  Ferrando Ford,  Sirco, Erie Sport Store, and Chico’s restaurant.  Many thanks to all.

It’s time to look at the rifle range schedule.  If any one has been following the rifle range volunteer schedule for the past two seasons, it’s pretty obvious that the schedule is pretty sparse, especially on weekends and evenings.  So far, we have one volunteer range officer for one Sunday a month, and one volunteer range officer for one Saturday a month.  We had fifteen club members take the range officer certification class a couple of years ago.  It now appears that about six or seven of those fifteen are putting themselves on the schedule.  Many thanks to these six or seven for their time and effort.  Perhaps it is time for the rest of the fifteen range officers to step up to the plate (or call the gun club and leave a message asking to take you off of the range officer list).  The club has a considerable amount of money invested in the rifle range.  But, as it stands, we are certainly not getting our money’s worth out of our investment.

Finally, our summer V.I.P. LEAGUE shoot will be starting around the third or fourth week of April.  The V.I.P. LEAGUE shoot takes place every Wednesday evening at 7 PM on the outdoor pistol range, rain or shine.  For more information about the V.I.P. LEAGUE, click on the “TEAM” link or the “SCORES” link.  Both links are located at the top of the “HOME” page.  The V.I.P. LEAGUE schedule is also posted on the “MONTHLY EVENTS” calendar, this link also being located at the top of the home page.