Tuesday evening shooters may have noticed the three new carpet runners as they enter the clubhouse.  Also, we now have a new flag installed out front. The last one was damaged  during a December windstorm.

Many thanks to directors Tim Innes and Brian Darold for coming out Saturday morning ( Feb. 5) to do a cleanup on the outdoor pistol range.  Tim brought his snowblower and between he and Brian they did a great job of cutting a path to the lower range gate from the parking lot.  Then they went onto the pistol range and cut paths from the firing line to the target boards so that shooters could get to the target boards  There was over a foot of snow on the pistol range, as can be seen from the photos below.  If any other members have a snowblower and a way to get it to the range, feel free to have at it. Our plowing service does not perform this type of service.

Don’t forget about the regular monthly meeting on Thursday, February 10th at 7PM at the clubhouse.

Tom Zawistoski   Treasurer   Walnut Creek Rifle Club