Written By Cliff Snyder

Walnut Creek Rifle Club Winter League for the 2016/2017 season has a pistol team made up of some of the finest in the country. This team shoots during the winter months in the NY Penn League.  The team members are   Mickey McBride, Cliff Snyder, Tim Innes,  Steve McInchak, Mike Town, Anna Kosenko, John McInchak and Duane Regelman.  The 2016-2017 NY Penn League has been shooting for score  on Wednesday evenings since October 19, 2016 at 7 PM at the indoor range at Walnut Creek. Anyone still interested in being on the pistol team for the rest of the season is welcome to come out and join the team.

This 2017 season’s VIP League shooters are Tim Innes, Anna Kosenko, Steve McInchak, Mickey McBride, Cliff Snyder, Mike Town, Tom Zawistoski, Marybeth Lisse, and Chuck Vash.  The VIP League was the inspiration of John Holt, a probation officer from Meadville. His vision was to have competition that would be easy for beginners, wanting to make it enjoyable. In addition to the Walnut Creek team, there were teams from Cambridge Springs, Albion, Edinboro, Meadville and Saegertown. Some of the teams had 10 or more shooting members.  To see how well our little team is doing, check the “Scores ” page elsewhere on this website.

The V.I.P. course is a 15 round course fired in three timed stages, first using rimfire pistols and then using centerfire pistols.  In this course you may use one hand or two hands.

From April through August we sent scores once a month to the secretary of the league. There will be an all team match most likely in September of 2017 at Black Ash.  Be sure to check this site for a definite time and location.

As of June 30, 2016, Walnut Creek came in first place in April and June, outscoring Albion, Black Ash, Saegertown, and Springs R & G.  Walnut Creek came in 4th place in May.  Watch for the 2016 scores when they become available in August under team scores on this website.

Western New York Penn Pistol League

This an NRA 30 round bullseye pistol course and you will be shooting the 30 round rimfire stages as well as the 30 round centerfire stages, all timed, and all stages are fired using one hand.

The Winter League shooting team is currently participating in the Western New York Penn Pistol League. Weekly scores will be posted on this website once the season starts.


Interested in joining the WCRC  Winter League Pistol Team? Call Team Captain Cliff Snyder at 833-1490 or by cel at 814-504-1398.

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