Winter League Standings to 11-30-2017
 .22 Cal 

McBride254.7Innes241.0McBride 244.5
Innes241.7McBride234.2Innes 241.4
Town233.0Town170.5Town 201.7
Tom Z231.0Snyder155.0Snyder 162.2

The Western NY/PA Winter Pistol League has been shooting since October 16, 2017. We shoot on Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM. New shooters are invited!

The range fee is $2.00 and targets are provided.

If interested, please contact Team Captain Cliff Snyder at (814) 833-1490 or by cell at (814) 504-1398, or just show up at the indoor range.  To join, see more information under the “Team” heading.


V.I.P. League Scores 2017

V.I.P. League Scores Summer 2017
Innes, Tim145-6x146-4x148-1x144-2x146-7x144-3x145-5x138-2x144-4x135-5x
Kosenko, Anna91-1x
McInchak, Steve150-10147-10149-3x145-4x150-8x140-3x150-13x150-8x150-13x150-12x
McBride, Mickey150-5145-5147-8x144-5x
Lisse, Marybeth85-1x110-2x
Snyder, Cliff137-2125-2139-3x136-5x133-2137-3146-3x141-2x146-3x141-2x
Town, Mike145-6137-2149-6x139-3x148-4x136-0x144-3x131-1x146-6x140-4x
Zawistoski, Tom144-6141-2148-11x141-4x149-9x140-4x150-10x145-5x150-1x146-5x
Vash, Chuck105-0x106-1x124-1x117-0x118-2x


The V.I.P. League season begins in April and runs through August, The all team shootout for the RUBBER CHICKEN will take place at the Black Ash Sportsman Club in September of 2017.  We are now in our second month of the V.I.P. shoot, which is held every Wednesday evening with shooting starting at 7 PM. the course is fifteen rounds of rim fire and fifteen rounds of center fire.  Five rounds are fired in two minutes, then five rounds are fired in twenty seconds, and a final five rounds are fired in ten seconds. You may use one hand or two hands. You may shoot either or both stages.  There is no range fee to shoot the course.  You just have to show up.

April 2017 standings show Walnut Creek in 2nd place in rim fire and 1st place in center fire.  May standings show Walnut Creek in 1st place in rim fire and 2nd place in center fire.  In June, Walnut Creek was in 1st place in rim fire and 4th place in center fire.  July found Walnut Creek in 1st  place in both rim fire and center fire.  August 2017 ended with our Walnut Creek team coming in first place in both rim fire and center fire shoots.

We will be driving to the Black Ash Sportsmans Club on Saturday, September 16th for the final shoot off to see which club gets to take the rubber chicken home for the year.

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